Why Psalm 71:14?

Why Psalm 71:14?

Maria and I are excited about our RV journey.

We took an RV vacation a couple of years ago and loved it, so we decided it’s the perfect way to travel across the state and meet folks in all 95 counties.

You might notice on the side of our RV we referenced a scripture: Psalm 71:14. This says, “As for me, I will always have hope, I will praise You more and more.”

This verse has particular meaning for my family. We experienced great tragedy when my first wife Carol Ann was killed in an accident on our farm. For me and my four young children, it was the darkest of days, but my faith and trust in God was profoundly hopeful even in the midst of what seemed hopeless.

In some of our most distressed communities in our state, whether urban or rural, there can exist a hopelessness that’s created by poverty, addiction, joblessness and broken families. I, however, have great hope for an even better Tennessee, and my vision is a place where every community has hope – for good jobs, for good schools for their kids, and for a safe place to live.

That’s where my focus will be, and that’s what I’ll be working toward.

And as for me, I will always have hope.

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