Why Bill?

Why I’m Running

I’m running for governor, but I’m not a politician. I’m a cattle farmer, a businessman, a husband, father, grandfather and a seventh-generation Tennessean. I’ve never run for office before, but I’ve spent the last 35 years building my business and raising a family.

I’ve experienced tragedy in my life that taught me that there are few things in life that truly matter, and my life should be about those things.

Tennessee has a lot of good things going, but we still leave far too many of our friends, family members and neighbors behind. Too many of our rural communities face a persistent joblessness problem on top of a rising opioid crisis. In 2015, we had 18 economically distressed rural counties. Today, we have 19. We cannot keep doing things the way we’ve always done them. As a product of rural Tennessee, who still lives on the family farm where I grew up, I believe we must fight to preserve our way of life for the next generation. We’re going to need new ideas to do it. That’s why I am the first candidate to release a Roadmap for Rural Tennessee. It lays out four key strategies and 12 policy objectives I will pursue for rural Tennessee as governor.

In our urban and rural areas alike, education can transform our state for the better, but only if we take advantage of our opportunities. We must give our students the tools they need to not just pass a test, but to get a job and become a good and independent citizen. Some worry about what will happen if we make big changes, I worry more about what will happen if we don’t. I say more about that here.

All across our state, we have some serious health challenges that will hold our state back significantly if we don’t act. From the opioid crisis, to chronic disease, to rising TennCare costs, we have to fix a broken system that puts patients and providers, not the government, in control.

Instead of growing more government programs, let’s return to our founders’ vision of “we the people,” a government run by citizens with a vested interest and connection to the community, not career politicians who have made politics their way of life. Instead of top-down solutions, we can engage our faith leaders, replicate successful public-private partnerships and promote community-driven solutions as ways to decrease the size and scope of government while taking advantage of our greatest natural resource: the people of Tennessee.

I’m a man of faith, a product of rural Tennessee, and a tested CEO. I’m running for governor because I believe I have the experience, vision, and values to help make life better for every Tennessean.

I’d be honored to serve you as governor.


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