Why Bill?

Dear Fellow Tennessean,

I’m running for Governor, but I’m not a politician. I’m a cattle farmer, a businessman, a father and grandfather, and a seventh generation Tennessean.

Tennessee has been blessed with great leadership. We have growing cities, a great small business climate, and improving schools. But we also face challenges shared by both our rural areas and inner cities– rising crime, persistent unemployment, an opioid crisis, and families in turmoil. While we’ve made great strides across our state, we can’t leave these communities behind.

As a native Tennessean, I know we all have a few things in common: we want good jobs, good schools for our kids, and safe neighborhoods for our families.

These are simple ideas, but making them a reality for every Tennessean is a major challenge. We need a strong vision and the fortitude to implement what’s best for Tennessee, even when it’s hard. I believe my work and life experience have prepared me for this challenge, and I look forward to sharing more about my plans for Tennessee as this campaign unfolds.

This summer, I wrapped up my 95 counties in 95 days RV tour, and recently launched my Rural Roadtrip Tour, because I wanted to hear from all of you to get a better sense of your concerns and priorities.  I’ve learned a lot and I am excited more than ever to roll up my sleeves and lead this state.

Together, I know we can make Tennessee an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

I can’t wait to get started.


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