Government doesn’t create jobs, people do.

Government regulation stifles innovation and slows growth. If we are going to truly make Tennessee the best place to work and raise a family, we have to reduce the tax burden, reduce regulations and barriers to entry, and understand that a job created in Tennessee is better than a job brought to Tennessee. READ MORE →

Rural Roadmap

If we don’t stand up for our rural communities, we may lose that way of life forever.

While our big cities are booming, our rural counties and small towns are hurting. We have 44 rural counties in our state which are ranked or at substantial risk of falling into the bottom 10% of the country in poverty and unemployment. READ MORE →

Improving our education system is the single most powerful tool for transforming the future of our state.

I have a vision for Tennessee to lead the nation, but in order to do that, we must continue to improve our educational outcomes. We must celebrate and continue what’s working and increase our focus on the reforms necessary to create opportunities for every child. As governor, I’ll work to improve our workforce development pipeline, increase choice and transparency in our schools, and focus on recruiting the best and brightest to lead schools and classrooms. READ MORE →

The governor’s first duty is to (1) Secure the public & (2) Enforce the rule of law. That’s why we will never have sanctuary cities when I’m Governor. READ MORE →

This is common sense: law abiding citizens should not be punished for the actions of criminals. Every time there’s a tragedy, the first thing that happens is that politicians and the media politicize the issue and try to turn the conversation away from real solutions and into a discussion on how take away our constitutional rights. It’s the wrong conversation. READ MORE →


The security of our citizens is not the place to play politics.

Immigration is a federal responsibility but a state concern. My first priority as governor will be to keep our citizens safe. Border security, improved vetting, and intelligent immigration policies are common-sense solutions that our state should support. READ MORE →

Protecting Life

I believe that life begins at conception and that every life is precious.

Our unborn are gifts from God, and we can’t live in a society where children are treated as disposable. That’s why I am pro-life, pro-child, and pro-family. READ MORE →

We cannot compromise on religious liberty.

Tennessee has a rich tradition of faith and civic leaders lifting up families and working together to make communities stronger. But that tradition cannot survive if religious liberty comes under attack. Our constitution protects an absolute, fundamental right to live your life — at home and in the workplace — according to your values and your faith. Our state’s leaders should defend that right as a necessary condition for a free and prosperous Tennessee. READ MORE →

Supporting Our Veterans

Our veterans have fought for us, and we should fight for them.

Across our great state, veterans are giving back to Tennessee through their leadership in local schools, businesses, churches, and public service. These great men and women are an invaluable asset to our state, and whether it is economic development, education, or healthcare, they need to be a part of the conversation. READ MORE →

Marriage is between a man and a woman. 

My faith informs my view of marriage. I believe that outside of the democratic process the Supreme Court imposed a new interpretation of the Constitution that was contrary to all historical evidence and understanding of the institution of marriage. READ MORE →

The Role of Government

The government was intended to be run by “we the people,” not career politicians.

I believe our Founders intended to build a system that reflects the will of the citizenry, refreshed by new ideas, new approaches, and in particular, new people in government. READ MORE →

If we’re going to resolve our challenges around healthcare, we can’t wait for Washington, D.C.

If competition and choice were priorities in our healthcare system, we would have a system with incentives to reduce cost instead of incentives to increase volume. Whether you’re an employer or a patient, Obamacare and the vast bureaucracy around it has reduced transparency, limited competition, and has made it harder to provide and obtain quality care. READ MORE →

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