As I’ve traveled the state campaigning for governor, I’ve been asked many questions about what I believe and how I will govern. Everywhere I travel, folks tell me they want a good job, a great school for their kids, and to raise their families in a safe neighborhood. I have a core set of principles that guide me on how to approach those issues and others that come up, and I strive hard every day to apply those principles in how I run my business and interact in my community.

I’m a follower of Christ who is committed to living a life of service to others. I am a conservative who believes government should get out of the way and allow people to live their lives and thrive.  I wake up every morning trying to figure out how to make life better for my 1,200 employees at my company, and I will take that same energy to lead our state, trying to figure out how we can make life better for 6.5 million Tennesseans.

Below, I lay out a little more detail on various topics related to my campaign for governor. You can also read about my Roadmap for Rural Tennessee, to help preserve a way of life that we are just one generation away from losing. We will add more as the campaign progresses, and if you have questions about other issues, feel free to contact me here.


“As for me, I will always have hope, I will praise You more and more.”
Psalm 71:14.


This verse has particular meaning for my family. We experienced great tragedy, but my faith and trust in God gave me hope in the midst of what felt like a hopeless situation. In some of the most distressed communities in our state, whether urban or rural, there can exist a hopelessness that’s created by poverty, addiction, joblessness, and broken families.  I believe that we can break the cycle of hopelessness where it is, and together, we will. We the people, can take Tennessee in a new direction that better reflects the values that made this state great.


Here’s what else I believe:

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To grow jobs, we must get government out of the way. READ MORE →

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Improving our education system is the single most powerful tool for transforming the future of our state. READ MORE →



We must stand with law enforcement to keep our communities safe. READ MORE →

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If we’re going to resolve our challenges around healthcare, we can’t wait for Washington, D.C. READ MORE →



If we don’t stand up for our unique Tennessee values, we may lose them forever… READ MORE →

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Government was intended to be run by “we the people,” not career politicians. READ MORE →

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